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*The above numbers are NOT an official financial statement, but a mere good faith estimate showing where and how our money has been need since our founder began giving gifts of cheer as of Feb 2012.

your support is certainly needed!!!

why your financial contributions are needed and how they help!


Making a financial contribution helps more than you know!  We send out gifts and cards to a HUGE network of recipients, volunteers, and supporters.  Postage to send a gift package usually ranges from $5 - $15.  This is to simply send a package to a family that is living with a terminal or debilitating condition.  As we serve the entire family, gifts are given to every member of our recipient families

as we are able.  We cannot do this alone, WE NEED YOUR HELP!  


A $1 donation - Allows us to send at least 2 cards to help brighten the day of a child or adult in need.
A $5 donation - Pays for a few small gift ideas that we can send in the mail
A $10 donation - Pays for Postage to Send a Package to a Family in Need
A $25 donation - Gives us enough money to BUY AND SEND an entire family a Gifts of Cheer gift package to brighten their day!


What most people don't know if that Gifts of Cheer was a totally unplanned and spontaneously prompted nonprofit organization that was initiated from the mission of an elementary student in the 3rd grade.  This local good Samaritan wanted to bring smiles to others with the GIVING of her Girl Scout Cookies.  Little did we know that by supporting her in obtaining her goal, we would be taking an unexpected mission to continue to bring cheer to others as the demand was brought to us, and we had a choice to make:  continue our efforts by becoming a legitimate non profit organization, or stop helping those who kept reaching out to us.  The decision was easy, the rest was not.  Here's why:

  • We give to others.  Asking for monetary assistance is the hardest part of what we do, but it is totally essential for our operation to continue to bring cheer to others.
  • Gift Giving Takes Money.  We need to buy the gifts (new items are needed so as to not further sicken those with compromised immune systems).  Bags, tissue paper, cards, ink, and postage or gas for deliveries are needed.  We've gone through over 1,000 Gift Bags in just 12 months, and we're growing!  
  • Every Business Has Start Up Costs.   Please note these are low ball figures as we haven't had enough time to compile every expense and gift giving costs in a fashion that allows us to pull this information easily since we started in 2012.  Many items are not accounted for below!  Here's what some of our initial startup and gift giving expenses look like since we began gift giving in 2012:

         $ 20,000 - Amount needed to purchase gifts, pay for postage, provide financial support, hold community
                          outreach programs, pay for all gift giving expenses.  (We do not reimburse ourselves for our time,

                         nor the cost of travel to deliver gifts or conduct other business related activities.) 

         $  5,000 - Legal and Filing Fees Associated with Becoming a Non-Profit and insuring we do things right  

         $  6,250 - This is a low ball figure for all the business equipment required liked computers, software,  

                         telephone expenses and misc office supplies to enable us to run a business.

                         as well as with out community outreach programs

         $   750   - Other Business Expenses of Outside Contractors Help
        $     -0-    - Employee/Staff/Director's Pay - WE HAVE NO PAID POSITIONS!!!  We are an unusual nonprofit in that we have no paid positions,

                         which help to explain why our jobs are so difficult.  Many people say they want to help with a donation of time, money or materials, but

                         often, the everyday hustle and bustle of trying to raise a family and work to pay their own bills takes precedence...


        $ 32,000 Good Faith Estimate of what it cost us to send thousands of gifts in less than a 2 year period, as well

                       as cover common start up business expenses.

        $  8,800  Total Monetary Income from 2013 (rounded up)

        $23,200 LOSS (estimated from above numbers)*  


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