One of a Very Few

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​8 year old Sierra believed in GIVING BIG and HELPING OTHERS.  She wanted to GIVE "Gifts of Cheer" to kids with cancer with a passion that grownups didn't quite understand.  She had made goals for herself and what she wanted to give.  She knew she was meant to help others, but also knew she needed help.  And the story goes, that with the help of lots of other amazing kids and a few grownups here and there, something amazing happened!   

With the help from friends, family, fellow students and other good Samaritans, Sierra was able to give over 100 Gift Bags of Cheer to children and their siblings who were living with cancer.  The families were extremely touched;  and soon, people from all over the world would reach out to Sierra.  
Sierra was to the sole influence to create the need to go public with her efforts.  This is how Gifts of Cheer, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization which is entirely staffed and run entirely by volunteers, began.  The purpose was to continue Sierra's efforts and to keep her dream alive of giving cheer to kids with cancer.  

It didn't take long for anyone to take notice, and as a result, numerous requests were brought forth to our organization for referring adults with other debilitating conditions.  As Sierra's goal was truly to bring cheer to those in need, who were we to say no?  So, Gifts of Cheer began serving people living with cancer and/or other debilitating conditions/disease, regardless of age.

Who doesn't like receiving an unexpected gift, especially when they are feeling down?  That's what Sierra, our young founder, dreamed of doing...   She wanted others to know that she cared: that they were not alone...

Gifts of Cheer lifts the spirits of those who are living with cancer and other debilitating conditions, while inspiring others to do the same. We GIVE cards, gifts, prayers & other support services to kids with cancer and people of all ages living with debilitating conditions.  We hold numerous FREE community outreach events and give thousands of gifts all throughout the year.

Learn More about our young Founder and her dreams for giving Gifts of Cheer.  Click Here.  

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