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Prayer requests/blessings news Update:  January 2017

Jacob Grecco - Neuroblastoma  8/1/2012                 Tyler B. - Mental Illness 2013

Aubrey - Pediatric Cancer                                    Jim Birch - Brain Cancer/Esophageal

Amy Roth - Leukemia   2/14/2014                            Nina Hajjar - Esophageal

Erin Dean - Leukemia    10/8/2014                           Carol Klug - Infection

David Boeshore - Cancer  4/25/2013                         Chris  Quinonez - 12/1/2013

David Haas - Brain Cancer  12/14/2012                      Delaney Brown -   12/25/2013

Josephine Ozga - Bladder Cancer  6/9/2015                Tracy  Blessing - 5/15/2014

​Angela Brancaccio - Esophageal Cancer 7/1/2015       James (Amy P's) father - 10/6/2014 

Sal Nipitella - Brain Cancer 7/26/2013                       Jane Campbell -  Cancer 

Rita D - Breast Cancer Survivor                                 Krista H. - Leukemia

Rhonnie F - Breast Cancer Survivor                            Bill R. - Leukemia 

​Johnathon C.  - Pediatric Cancer                                Linda P - Ovarian Cancer

Sam S. - Prostrate Cancer

Morgan W. - Brain Cancer (Pediatric)

​Jim F. - Heart/Liver Transplant

​Angel - Lung Transplant

​Candi G - Breast Cancer Survivor


Please continue to pray for all those previously mentioned on this page.  We will be updating the information soon.  

Thank you for your prayers and support!!!

Elaine S -  Health issues are ongoing and still in need of prayer! 9/2016  Long stays in the hospital.  Many health conditions needing your prayer! 10/2016: Hoping

to start recovery process in rehab soon.  Gifts of Cheer 

was able to make meet her in the hospital for a brief 

moment.  She looked good, but she was in some pain at 

the time.  Good news is later in the day we received word 

that she was feeling much better!  God is good!!!  Update 11/3/16: Elaine is now home and recovering.  She is said to be in excellent spirits!  Please continue to pray for Elaine! 

Louise -  Recent January scan suggests Louise is Cancer Free!  Let's continue to pray that her scans stay that way!!!  9/2016  Just finished Radiation this past week! Prayers for a healthy recovery would be greatly appreciated!  UPDATE 10/2016:  The first few weeks after finishing treatments have not been easy.  Fatigue and general weakness still plagues this amazing little woman.  Please pray that her upcoming visit to the doctors at the end of Oct brings good news.  Gifts of Cheer has visited

her a few times since September and helped her with 

her continued need for occassion transportation and company.  11/3/2016  Louise has a bit of a setback this week. She was not looking so well.  Doctors confirmed she had an infection in the breast.  Please pray for Miss Louise to have a speedy recovery with lots of love surrounding her.

Gene - Haven't heard for Gene in the last two weeks, we'll be touching base with him soon!  Pray he is well!!!  

9/2016   Undergoing Chemo for ORAL Cancer.  
He is a survivor of prostate cancer. 
UPDATE 10/2016:  Gene is now in week 3 of his treatment.  He has oral cancer, and he had surgery that removed half of his jaw, cheekbone, and removed an eye.  The first two weeks of Chemo went relatively well for Gene with the main frustration being the inconvenience of daily trips to the hospital.  Now, in week 3, mouth sores, a burning tongue, difficulty swallowing, and overwhelming fatigue are taking its toll on Gene.  Please pray for him to have faith, continue his treatments, have comfort, and renewed strength.  If possible, a full recovery would be great!!!!  Let's pray for Gene!  UPDATE:  WOW!  We've been driving Gene back and forth to his treatments now since Sept.  Only 5 left to go was the last we heard this week.  Can't wait to see his special day of leaving the treatment center.  Please continue to pray for Gene!  Many thanks!

Rick -  Continuing to pray for Rick and his family.  They sent us a lovely thank you note over the holidays.  Thanks!!!  9/2016 Undergoing treatment for Prostate Cancer. UPDATE 10/2016:   We haven't been able to reach out to Rick with the exception of sending him a card, but hope to get in touch with him soon.  11/3 - We've been praying for Rick and his family.  Due to time, distance, and funding, we have not been able to get out to see Rick or send any additional gifts.  We need your help!  Volunteer today!

Craig -
 Craig is in desperate need for your continued love and prayers.  9/2016  Lung Cancer.  New Nodules in Shoulders and Spine.  
10/2016 UPDATE: Continued daily prayers are much appreciated for Craig and his family.  11/3/2016 - What a sweet man this is...  He always has a smile on his face when we come to drop off gifts.  Thankfully, we've been able to get out to him at least twice this month with different Gifts to brighten his day.  He is in a lot of pain due to new treatents and is very tired and weak.  Please continue with praying for Craig and his amazing family.

Jim B
 - May you forever rest in peace...  9/2016  Survived Esphogial Cancer, Recently Had Cancer Removed From Brain.  Doctors have given Jim months to live.  Jim is an amazing family man, full of life and brings a smile to everyone he meets.  UPDATE 10/2016: Jim passed away Oct 7th.  He was an amazing man, full of life, love and would always bring a smile to everyone he met.  Jim had surgery in June  to remove cancer that had shown up in his brain.  Three and a half months later, Jim left our world to be with Christ, our Lord in Heaven. Jim leaves behind a beautiful wife and 4 sons. He will be sorely missed.  11/3  We received a beautiful card of thanks from the family.  Please continue to keep them in your daily prayers!

Mary - 10/2016 Multiple Myleoma, Depression, Suicidial Tendencies, and Manic Depressive Disorder.  This sweet woman needs our prayers as she has a lot of her plate, but has a heart of gold.  She volunteers serving other Chemo patients.  She's got a smile for everyone and a tremendous memory for brithdays!  God love this woman!  
11/3/16  We haven't seen Mary at her volunteering area.  So, please keep her in your prayers!

Alex:  10/2016 We've been praying for Alex and his wife for sometime now.  He has cancer which started in his prostate, we believe.  It had gotten better for a while and is now worse than before.  Please keep Alex and his family in your daily prayers.  
11/3/16  We had tried to deliver a gift this month with failure.  Not sure if the family was out or not, but we will continue to pray for Alex and family.

10/2016 We've been praying for Mark and his family since 2015.  He has had numerous strokes and lung failure, along with a very rare form of cancer.  Please keep Mark and his family in your daily prayers.

Stacey:  10/2016 Hodgkins lymphoma & Kidney Failure

​Miriam:  10/2016  Cancer Patient


Prayers going out to all current and past recipients and their families.

 Prayers for the Healed:

 If you, or someone you know, is living with cancer or other debilitating condition or disease, click here!  We want to include you,  your family & Friends, in our gift giving efforts throughout the year!


​Mary D. -
 Tough times are still upon Mary.  Please join us in prayer.  9/16 Colon Cancer was removed.  New cancer was found in breast.  Mastectomy preformed.  Now, Mary suffers from new health issues and needs a whole lot of prayers!  
UPDATE:  10/2016  Visit to John's Hopkins Scheduled with hopes of new answers.  Your continued prayer is greatly appreciated. 

Denny - Happy News!!!  Still in good health.  9/2016  Cancer free now for 1 year.  Had Chemo for Stomach Cancer.  
UPDATE 10/2016: Continued prayers are appreciated for Dennis.  

Donna - May you forever rest in peace.  Cancer took Donna's life this summer.  Prayers for her family are much appreciated.
UPDATE 10/2016: Continued prayers are appreciated for Donna's family.

Mabel - Still praying for this lovely lady.  10/2016 Breast Cancer since 2015

Bob - Bob is still living with cancer.  10/2016  Cancer/Lung Failure 2014

Makala - Young Teen with New Complications.  She had suffered greatly in the past and had spend years in treatment with Stem Cell Transplant.  
UPDATE 10/2016: Makala will be additional medical care on a regular basis.  Please continue to hold her and her family in your daily prayers.

​New Board of Directors has been appointed!  :)

9/2016 Prayers for Gifts of Cheer to fill open Board Member Position with the right person is greatly appreciated!  UPDATE  10/2016:   PRAYERS ANSWERS FOR BOARD MEMBERS!  THANK YOU!  A BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING TO BE SCHEDULED SHORTLY.  

10/2016 Prayer Request:  Volunteers needed for many different tasks.  We hope to schedule a biweekly night for mothers to get together and help others in need.  We will be contacting certain local folks that we know have good hearts to help out so that we can reach and better serve the recipients we have now, as well as a few others that really need some cheer brought into their day.

New, unwrapped gifts items of all sorts will be needed for upcoming gift giving for the holidays as well as financial support for Gifts of Cheer to continue to our organizational needs.  Financial donations are tax deductible and can be made out to Gifts of Cheer or made online by clicking here.  Checks can be sent to PO Box 462 Fleetwood PA 19522  

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