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Hero Award Recipient News Update:  OCT 2016


 If you, or someone you know, is living with cancer or other debilitating condition or disease, click here!  We want to include you,  your family & Friends, in our gift giving efforts throughout the year!

501 (c)3 Non Profit Organizations

​​Gifts of Cheer wants to celebrate and recognize all the amazing kids, companies and grownups who have felt called upon to help.  We have been blessed with so many amazing volunteers that have helped us in our efforts.  

With this, Gifts of Cheer started a recognition program to recognize a select few amazing people and/or organizations each year and recognize them with an award meant only for the truest of all givers.  The honor is the Gifts of Cheer "A True Hero" Award.

Several awards will be presented shortly.  To see the latest recipient, as well as past recipients, click here: Hero Recipients.    

Be sure to refresh your browser often as we update our page often!  Thanks for your visiting!  

Should you or someone you know wish to volunteer or become a recipient, please be sure to contact us:

want2beavolunteer   refer a recipient  become a recipient


Heroes come in many forms.  The photos above show some of the kids, companies, and people who have shown us their overwhelming generosity with donations of time, materials, and or money.

One of a Very Few