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Gifts of Cheer gives every hair donation to a reputable non profit organization that makes and gives free wigs for kids on an annual basis for those who have a medically proven hair loss condition.  We send the hair for free and insure that the non profit we send to has not changed it's policies before we send our donated hair samples out.  Should you wish to donate your hair, please consider allowing our organization to help you with this.  We send all hair donations for free and do not sell or trade them for other services. So, if you are interested in hair donation, here's what you need to know to be prepared.

Hair Donation Considerations & Requirements

501 (c)3 Non Profit Organizations

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Giving a hair donation can be a very rewarding experience, but there are a few important considerations and preparations that should be made prior to having your hair cut.

First and foremost, before you decide to donate, know and investigate the group you are giving your hair to.  Many outfits have been reported or may have been questioned to sell valuable hair donations instead of making them into a wig that you may be thinking will go to a child in need for free...  Another consideration is that some of these nonprofits do not give free human hair wigs to kids in need, but actually charge families for these wigs based on their income.

Gifts of Cheer recommends that you are prepared for a whole new look.  Having a significant removal of hair can invoke a very serious emotional response, so be prepared for what you might look like with less hair.  Be sure to review hair donation requirements before deciding to donate.  Be sure to use a professional hair stylist to help you remove your hair for proper donation and for minors, be sure to have parental consent before you begin.

It takes between 8-10 ponytails to make one human hair wig. Here are the Hair Donation Requirements you need to know and follow prior to hair removal- please note:  not all nonprofits have the same requirements!!!


-  Permed, Colored, and Gray Hair are All Acceptable

-  Be sure hair is clean, COMPLETELY DRY, and healthy
      (heavily damaged hair may be unusable)
- Have professional licensed stylist bind hair into 2-4 ponytails.

- Ponytails will be cut above the binding and must measure at least 8" in length - but not all nonprofits accept less than 12"
- Be sure to get before and after pictures as this is a special moment and we'd love to share your honorable donation on our social media sites.
- Keep hair bound and handle as little as possible.

- Keep hair in a cool, dry place out of the reach of dogs, other pets, and children.
​- Send your hair donation and photos to Gifts of Cheer PO Box 462 Fleetwood PA 19522
- Complete an image release form to have your pictures shown on our social media and marketing materials - click here