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Community Outreach

Gifts of Cheer offers many free events to both private and public groups.  We have met with numerous Boy & Girl Scout Troops, Youth Groups, Schools and have worked with the elderly.  From the youngest to the oldest, we have found exciting crafts and art projects for people of all ages to enjoy. 

Gifts of Cheer holds these free events to reach out to today's youth with hopes to inspire them to want to help kids with cancer and all the other people who are living with debilitating illness and/or disease.  We educate others through our programs AND are able to make simple items that are typically given away as gifts to our recipients.  Most often, our events are make one, take one...  These events enable volunteers to make an item for another person, and make another that they can keep for themselves. 

Our programs have been hugely successful and full of fun!  Schedule your FREE community outreach event today!  We have so many options to choose from, most are not listed here!  So contact us for a date, time, and event idea that works best for your group!