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​Gifts of Cheer is among the most noteworthy of all nonprofit organizations as it is staffed and directed entirely by volunteers.  It has no paid positions.  Gifts of Cheer gives gifts, cards, prayers, and provides free community outreach events.  Gifts of Cheer recognizes how difficult living, and/or caring for a sick loved one can be.  That's why they include a recipient's regular care providers and helping family members in their gift giving efforts.

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We give gifts to kids with cancer and their families as well as to people of all ages living with debilitating illness or disease.  We also give large distributions of gifts to local hospitals, treatment and care centers that specialize in pediatric cancer and debilitating illness.  Donations are accepted all throughout the year.  Click here.


Gifts of Cheer works hard to spread awareness through the use of our community outreach programs, as well as through our social media pages and direct mailings.  Learn more about the recipients that we serve by reading their testimonials and stories


Gifts of Cheer's Vision is to insure that no single person living with a chronic illness or debilitating disease be without support, love, and receive a gift of cheer that can brighten their day.  

Donations are Tax Deductible as Allowable By Law.  We are a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization.


*** ​ 100% Volunteer  ***


Gifts of Cheer's Mission is to spread cheer throughout the year to kids with cancer and their families, as well as to people of all ages living with debilitating illness and/or disease.

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501 (c)3 Non Profit Organizations

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Gifts of Cheer works hard to keep positions on our Board of Directors filled with kind, compassionate, honest, and easy to relate to individuals.  

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We hope to make our world a brighter place by inspiring today's youth to help others.   To date, we've provided more than 100 community outreach events or programs to get others involved and have a great time while participating. Contact us to learn more about our free community outreach programs.